You can optimize your website and drive more sales with our website content services. It’s time to change the dull pages of your website and make it more engaging. With #150,000 or $500, you can get a total revamp of your website and more clients. If your website isn’t selling you and your products or services right now, you need a change.

Unlock the power of that site with our website content services and have your sales running over.

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If your website has a blog, you can combine this service with our blog management service and get a discount.

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Does your blog overwhelm you? We offer blog management services under our business branding package. We can help you manage your blog and take the worry off you.

Relax while we keep your blog active with relevant content.

Digital content is produced by the second these days and so your content has to be frequent and great.

With our quality writing services, you are well armed to beat this. When you hand your blog to us, you can focus on your other activities.

We will produce digital content for your blog at an unmatched frequency. And that content would be great.

All blog posts would be SEO Optimized and would increase your visibility.

We have fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly plans. Reach out through or through the contact page to learn more and to choose a plan that suits you.


We take you from book idea to book sales. Get writing, Get published and Get Read. Come let’s make that happen.

Get in here and start living your book dreams.

If you are printing, we can get you before a nationwide audience. We have got distribution partners in Lagos, Abuja and PortHarcourt. We are adding new locations, and we also have nationwide delivery partners for books.

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PP_Birth Your Book

Have you written a book and are confused about how to get it to a book-ready audience? Share your thoughts with the world through our self publishing package.

Get that writing out of your shelf, notebook or PC and become a published author.

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We’ll be happy to hold your hands and watch your dream come true.


Aside from teaching you how to become an author in an intensive course, we have books targeted at helping you achieve your dream at your own pace! The Author’s Pocket Manual is selling NOW!

This Book Writing Bible will teach you everything you need to know about writing a book! It has got templates and cheat sheets that will make the book birthing process a whole lot easier!

You can get this book for just #5000 and become equipped to do your writing yourself in smart simple steps.

Now, you can finish that book you started, all while doing it effectively. Get armed with the courage to begin, within the pages of “The Author’s Pocket Manual,” and reach unto that new milestone you have always envisioned.

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Have you published your book but still have them stuck in your library? It’s like your physical books have taken the place of your manuscript on your shelf.

We can help you out.

Come list your books with us and have them in front of readers in Lagos and Abuja.

There’s no greater joy than seeing your book on a bookstore shelf!

We can make that happen.

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Learn how to write quality books with us in the Basic Book Writing Course. In this practical course, you will learn how to make your book stand out. If you have no idea how to write, this course might be all that you need. If you want to create exceptional writing, you need to be in class already.

The Basic Book Writing Course is a one month intensive course with an after-class six months mentorship and two free phone calls from us. You get to decide how to take your call! The Basic Book Writing Course includes writing assignments in between classes and corrections from our tutors. We would be teaching you the tricks of writing anything that’s both solid and irresistible.

The course is good for you if:

  • You have no idea how to write
  • You have been postponing your writing goals
  • You have a book that needs to be born and do not know how
  • You need motivation to launch your writing career

There are lots of writing assignments integrated into the class than you can contend with. Our team members are on standby to attend to your writing worries.

Receive mentorship from our in-house writing experts! Certificates are available at the end of the course!!!!

If you follow our proven steps as would be shown in the class, you will have a finished quality book in 30 days or less!

Come learn HOW to write a book with us in this practical course.

Contact Wednie via to get started.

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Do you wish to write about the last decade? Or, you wish to write about this decade?

Come let us hold your hand and pen it down.

Write your memoirs with us, and have a well documented book.


Let’s help you grow your business!

Captivate your customers and clients with great advert content!

We help businesses reach larger audiences by communicating effectively through great content.

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If you make use of content for your business, brand or freelancing services, we hope you develop them through the best content writing agency.

We are here to help you with:

  • eBook Writing
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Editing n Proofreading Brand Imaging (website content, blogs, sales copies)
  • Writing Courses

At Prudent Pens, we’ve got everything writing and book related in one place.

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